Thursday, November 26, 2009

new word

B is always coming up with new twists on old words. It makes me smile every time I hear him use these "new" words passionately!
B tends to be our dramatic one...I know...we can only figure out where he inherited the drama from. His favorite line to use when ever I ask him to clean up his toys is "I had a really hard day". This is delivered with the full downcast body language and sadness in his voice. Early in the game I had, of course, comforted him and asked him specifically about his day. Bingo! He now knew how to distract me...but it didn't last for long. My current response is, "I'm sorry, I know, I had a hard day too! Pick up your toys!"

Recently he has decided to try a new approach. When asked to do something A and I heard, rather emphatically, "Everyone wants to make me their SLAVE-IOR!" Yes, slave-ior...slave and savior. A and I busted up.
To be honest I feel like my family's slave-ior on a daily basis. It does however, tend to make me stop and think everytime I'm feeling overwhelmed with the day to day drudgery of running a house. Yes, at times I feel like a slave...but in truth at what point in my serving my family am I truly showing my Savior's love for my family. It can in fact change the posture of my heart when I'm feeling "slave-ish".

So to all the "slave-iors" out there keep up the good work. You may feel your work goes unnoticed...but us fellow "slave-iors" silently raise our hand to honor you!

P.S. I'm trying to come up with a good definition to submit to Webster's Dictionary for consideration of a new word. We'll see how far I get.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the quick pace through the here's to the start of the craziness!

Oh and to not be, I told my mom this is what her upper lip will look like if she keeps shaving it...I don't care what Dr. Oz says mom...)

Have fun!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

the knife

It's so true that if you blink the years will fly by. My oldest will soon be 7 in just a few weeks. I, like every other mother, am getting all misty thinking about those first moments in the hospital when I gazed on this incredible creature that I now was to take home and raise. He seemed so small (not for long) and vulnerable. He needed me!

Jump ahead 7 years. He's all legs, energy and dancing to the beat of his own drum. At 7 he stands above my shoulder in my bare feet. (Current scientific growth charts project he will be as tall as I at the age of 10..thanks dad for that info!) He is growing and becoming an amazing creature.
Currently, A and I have been reading a book about masculine initiation. The author talks about the stages boys and men travel through in their lives...Cowboy, Warrior, King to name a few. It has shed an interesting light on how I view parenting my boys. I've always been a "teaspoon of dirt a day keeps the doctor away" and I've watched mothers run after their sons "rescuing" them regularly from things like...oh, dirt and adventure (they may get hurt...or dirty). I've always tried to limit my "be careful's" to only life threatening scenarios. I don't want them to be overly cautious and lose their sense of abandon and adventure.

Recently, I've been challenged in this area. I knew it was coming. I've always said that I will more than likely be sitting on the sidelines watching one or both of my children hurl themselves around a track on or in something that requires fuel.

J has been talking about getting a pocket knife since we visited his older boy cousin this summer. His cousin is in Cub Scouts and was learning to use a pocket knife. Oh, J thought this was the coolest thing. So A and I decided that we would get him one for his 7th b-day. He and A picked out the perfect camo swiss army knife on-line and we started the long painful process of waiting for it to arrive.

The instructions have been clearly ingrained since we first started this adventure. He is not to use it without adult supervision and it will be kept in a "safe" place other than his back pocket. Time seemed to drag on forever, yet he never whined, he only waited with eager anticipation and excitement.

Finally, about a week ago it arrived! I wish I had a camera at the moment he opened the box. Truth be told I just wanted to be in the moment rather than trying to "capture" it...(it's captured in my heart forever!) Excitement! Shock! Thrill! Now the hardest part would be waiting for daddy to get home. There are just some things that a boy needs to do with his dad and learning to handle a knife is one of those things.

After a few brief instructions and words of caution about safety J was set free to whittle. He sauntered around looking for the "perfect" piece of wood...found himself a chair (which he moved about 10 feet away from everyone so we'd be safely out of the way) and began to whittle. His male bravado was strong. After about 3 strokes with the blade he leaned over his shoulder and.....spit. Yes....he leaned over his shoulder and spit. I literally did a double take, looked at A and asked, 'he just spit didn't he?' 'Yes, he did' said A. Where in the world did he get that from? A has never whittled before and I don't remember watching any whittlin' and spittin' shows on PBS? At this point I realize (and embrace) that you can't fight the Y chromosome.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bad salami dream

Last night B woke up scared and said he had a bad dream. So I climbed into bed (no small feat trying not to dislocate anything while crawling into the bottom bunk of a not so tall bunk bed...mind you at 12:30 a.m....after being awoken from REM sleep...but I digress) and snuggled him back to sleep.
Earlier this evening, on our way to church, B started talking about his scary dream. I asked him if he remembered why it was so scary. He said, "Well it was the salami's that my friends and I were fighting." I'm racking my brain about how in fact a large salami could be frightening in a young boy's dream. We had just read the "Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle that night and I do recall that the said caterpillar had ingested a rather large salami. But why are B and his friends fighting these large salami's and what makes them so frightening?So I comment, "These were big salami's that look sort of like a hot dog, right?" "No, mommy, like the green guys on the show where they walk like this," and he sticks his arms out in front of him,"the guys we see on that old show 'Scooby Doo'"....Ohhhhhh, he's talking about ZOMBIES....zombies...salami's....well one can definitely feel like a zombie at night after eating a salami. Beware of zombies posing as salami's in your dreams...if so...throw back a few Maalox before bedtime...sweet dreams.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

growing up

Lots of growing pains lately...for mommy. Watching my boys continue to develop their distinctive personalities, likes and dislikes, passions. (or should I say passionate likes and dislikes!)
The beginning of another year of school has brought even more changes. Both boys headed full on into school each embracing it according to his personality. J was initially excited; everything was new and interesting, however his excitement quickly subsided as he realized that in first grade the amount of "playing" during school has sharply declined. He's doing well grasping concepts, understanding the work and his reading continues to expand. Things have changed...he doesn't seem to be so impressed by his "new found knowledge"...seems to him new learning experiences come with new responsibilities for one's behavior and work. Don't get me wrong..the teacher reassured A and I thins morning that J is a good kid...he's just..."a boy"...this seems to interpret (in J's case) to a bit distracted, a little restless and somewhat impatient about ANYTHING taking too long!
Tonight J and I played our favorite bedtime game of writing a sentence for the other and then having that person draw a picture to go with the sentence. He really loves that game and I love to watch him use all his creative energy to come up with clever sentences for me to draw and then to illustrate the crazy sentences I hand down to him (i.e. tonight's was "The alien threw toast at his enemies!") As we snuggled to close out the night he showed me his new loose teeth...the two top front and center. It struck me like a knife to the heart...there goes my baby...when those two teeth are gone and his new ones come in..his face will begin to will be just the beginning of his journey into manhood. The dance of our relationship will begin to change once more..and more frequently I will lose the grasp of his hand if only for one moment...but that brief moment will feel like an eternity.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Once again I had to chuckle as I watched and listened to my boys play this evening. Currently their favorite thing to play is "spy". They will dress themselves up and announce that when they walk into the room I am to pretend that I do not know them. This evening these were the get-ups:
Now the other day J decided that he really needed to invent something. We've watched a couple of PBS programs on inventing ("Everyday Edisons") and Ruff Ruffman had a segment on spying and gadgets accompanying such activity. So he came to me with his hand-me-down MP3 player and his sunglasses and informed me that he was going to make a spy gadget. "Where is the tape?" I told him and went about getting ready for church. The next thing I know I turn around and there he is with this:
Later I asked A if he had helped J construct his spy camera. He said he didn't help at all...J had in fact put the whole thing together. I love it! I love to watch their minds at work, creating, analyzing and problem solving. I never knew I'd get such a kick out of watching this process happen in my children.

On a side note. This evening the spies were putting together their "hideaway" which was to be constructed with a bed sheet and various chairs..i.e. tent-fort. Well, it was not going smoothly. Said sheet would not stay put and slinked itself continuously off slippery chairs at the slightest touch. Iwas involved in my own project when I suddenly heard my 5 year exclaim in disgust (with very familiar inflection), "D**n it!" Well I immediately felt the pain of conviction deep within my being and said quietly, "B, I know that you have heard mommy use that word before, however, it is not a good word to use." Without missing a beat he said, "I'm sorry mommy, I thought it was a good word. I won't use it again."

What can I will always keep you humble.

Monday, August 24, 2009

1st day of school

(I wrote this post last week and didn't post it...why? I do not here it is...belated..)

Here it is...another year of school upon us. As you can tell from the photos, the boys were pretty excited for the first day of school. B's photos are quite different from last fact you actually see his face this time and he is smiling! It's amazing what one year of preschool will do for a child.
You also will notice that J is up to his same ol' silliness. No straight faces for him. The only way I can get a straight face is to sneak up on him and take him by suprise...this also means that I don't get a natural smile. Perhaps someday.

Following school they were all full of stories about their day. New friends were made, eating in the cafeteria for the first time for B and J is all excited about the fact that their first grade class has DESKS! no tables that have to be the other first grade class..shhhhh, we're not supposed to let on...appearantly Mr. S was able to negotiate some desks for his room...this is a very big deal. J even pointed out that there is a place to put your very OWN PENCIL on his desk and it won't roll away.

These are the small "wonders" that always put smile on my face. He was really, really excited about having a desk...oh and the fact that his take home folder is actually a BINDER...a real live binder with three rings and a zipper case so when I have to send $$$$$ it doesn't fall out!

B was equally excited about his shelf in music class. I asked him what he put on his shelf in music class but I couldn't exactly decifer what ended up being located on said music shelf. He did jumping jacks with Coach C and told me he was very, very good today! I think his excitement was getting lunch in the cafeteria...being able to select chocolate milk AND grape juice for lunch!

I must say that I thoroughly enjoy the first day of school as seen through my children's eyes. I'm excited for them to be able to go off for a brief moment into the world beyond our home. I'm thrilled to watch them interact with others, make friends, learn to respect other adults, become more independent. I'm enjoying every moment of their learning and growing!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

growing pains

I can't seem to find my emotional footing since returning from our annual summer trip to Colorado. It was an awesome trip. We had such fun just "hanging out" with family and seeing a few friends. Mountain trips, afternoons at the pool, fun baby kittens at Mama J and Pappa J's house, playing with cousins, meeting our newest cousin...just being.
Perhaps it was that the trip was far too short. I simply didn't have enough time to fully relax. I'm now a "part-time working outside the home" woman so my footloose and fancy free schedule is somewhat impaired by a job. This tended to make me a bit grumpy.
Or maybe it is the enormous "To Do" list that from my viewpoint seems as if it will never grow smaller. Try as I may the laundry basket just never stays empty for more than a nanosecond. Today, under serious threats of taking Legos and Star Wars characters hostage, was I finally able to see the floor of the boys room. (I think I'll go in there before I hit the hay and gaze lovingly at it's emptiness!)
Maybe it's a subconscious struggle with the fact that my "baby" is now starting Kindergarten in three weeks. I just know he's going to start off running and never look back. I musn't forget to add to that subconscious struggle the fact that my oldest is growing by leaps and bounds daily. He's going to be eye to eye with me far before the projected 10 year old target. (By the way, does anyone have Shaq's contact info? I'm going to need some serious shoe hand-me-downs in size "gargantuane" by the time middle school hits.)
I do know that my senses have been numbed by the fact that I am currently serving as a round-the-clock short order cook to my boys; who, since returning from our trip are hungry every 10 minutes. I now realize that shopping at Sam's club regularly is quickly becoming a realization.
Things are changing, shifting, growing. Not only are the boys growing and changing, physically, emotionally...but I suppose I am as well. Or at least I should be.
Perhaps that's it... I've got growing pains. Not necessarily physically (although spending all my waking hours in the kitchen trying to keep my children fed will wear me out!) but rather emotionally, spiritually. As my family grows and changes the things that they need and require from me change...ebb and flow. I suppose I just wanted to sit for awhile and veg...I just seemed to get some of this mothering thing figured out...or so I thought.
It's time for some evaluation, reflection and quite a few new recipes for bulk cooking. Digging deep to find the course that will take us through this next leg of our family journey.
Well, I'd better go locate my map, compass and binnoculars...oh and of course pack some snacks...the boys will more than likely be hungry!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day at the Beach

In my quest to wear out my boys as much as possible this summer, I've chosen a few hours at the beach as the easiest and most heat friendly spot. In past years, my time at the beach was spent straddling the beachline where the surf meets the sand. J has always been a water lover and as a toddler would literally throw himself in the waves. (Much to my horror! I had many a terrible vision of my baby being sucked out into the ocean by a wave.) B on the other hand has been a bit more cautious and, up until this summer, usually lasted at the beach for about 15 minutes. He never really seemed interested in the water. So there I would stand to my right, screaming at J not to go any further out; to my left, screaming at B that he stay closer to the water and not run into the path of a beach driving car. Yes, you can say I've been dreaming of this day and it has finally arrived.

All three of us out in the surf, the boys working themselves out silly on their boogie boards. And myself staying cool here in purgatory Florida by being in the water. I am thrilled.

We've also been priveledged to some awesome sightings. The other day we watched a school of dolphins play just off the edge of the water. We also had the normal spottings of crabs and small fish. However Tuesday...we hit the jackpot. Tuesday we swam with the rays.

Actually, at first glance the large shadow in the water sent my girlfriend and I racing out of the water with the kids (yes sharks do hang out in this neck of the woods). We decided we'd see if the large shadow snacked on anyone in the area (surf school was going on next to us). After a few minutes we noticed that one woman (who had the same response to the shadow as we did) was slowly creeping back into the water and bringing her children with her. It seemed safe. So we headed back out and I made a comment about the big swimming shadow. To which she replied, "Oh, they're rays...they don't have stingers and they are very docile."

Okay, I thought, rays..people pay good money to swim with the rays. Before I could fully wrap my head around the concept of swimming with the rays, I turned around and lo and behold, there they were...about a dozen, two foot rays swimming right at us. But I hadn't had time to asses how I felt about swimming with the rays. Even if it was free...was it truly safe? My boys began clutching my arms and trying to climb me like a junglegym. What to do? One cannot move quickly in the waist deep ocean with almost 100lbs of kids stuck to you. What to do? Boy do those ray things swim quickly...(actually they really do look like they are flying).

Now I try my best never to show unecessary fear in front of my children. The last thing I want is kids who are afraid to go in the ocean. I've been working on a lot of mind over matter in the last few years, i.e. picking up frogs, lizards...still not good on snakes. So here I am I scared? or can I dig down deep and find the beauty in the here and now.

I fell somewhere in between. I heard myself say, "LOOK, LOOK AT THE RAYS! HOW COOL IS THAT! HOW AMAZING!" The reason for the caps is because the voice I heard was was a high-pitched, loud, squeaky scream coming from my throat...generated by a mother trying to calm her children while also attempting to squelch her raw fear of the unknown.

In the end it truly was an awesome experience. I'm still not convinced that they aren't bait for sharks...the info on the internet says tiger sharks prey on hubby says we don't have tiger sharks here....hmmmm....ignorance can be bliss, right?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

F - I - V - E

He's 5 today...I blinked any my baby is gone. In his place a creative, fiesty, emotional, passionate, tenderhearted, expressive, loving boy. No trace of baby left. Legs are long and lean. He's "reading" every letter and word he sees. Negotiating with me on a daily basis about...oh..everything!

The other night while we were cuddling before bed, he reached over and pushed my lips into a smile. I said, "thank you, was I frowning?" "No", he replied, "you don't have to keep the smile on your face, just as long as you keep it in your heart."
B you are the smile that stays in my heart always! I love you bubby - mommy

Thursday, May 21, 2009

40 days and 40 nights

"it's raining, it's pouring the old man is snoring!"

Apparently my youngest and his classmates tried to run a coupe on nap time the other day by starting this catchy chant! They were soon quieted and all returned to normal, or as normal as things can be when it's been raining and raining and raining.

Now I'm not complaining about the rain. We have been in dire straights here in Central Florida with wildfires and burning bans. I'm thankful that our diligent firefighters are getting a much need break...although some may now be working overtime to rescue people from their flooded homes.
We are very fortunate, our crude but country drainage systems seem to be doing an adequate job. Sure everyone's pasture is flooded and the front yard once again looks like oceanfront property...but I haven't heard of one country home being flooded. The city folk, however, are having a few problems...flooding, water leaking in walls, schools closing, massive amounts of impassible streets. Seems those fine, well designed, highly researched and technical drainage systems just aren't cutting it! Sarcasm aside...we have been hit by an incredible amount of rain. Hurricane Frances dropped around 18 inches of rain when it came the last 3 days we've had over 24 inches. We went from drought conditions to being well over what is necessary to call off a drought!
So what do country folk do after a rainstorm:

We play in the mud! Or at least the kids do. I really wanted to show some full body shots so you could see the full "uniform"...unfortunately, the "uniform" consists of black rubber boots and a birthday suit...I thought it might get me in some sort of trouble (as cute at the little butt cheeks and boots are they should probably be viewed privately and not on the worldwide web!). Both A and I have let them go for it outside when we get home because they have had the worst cabin fever....and because it is quite entertaining!

We'll see where we're floating this weekend...the forecast is still calling for more rain over the next 3-4 days. You'll know where to find us...a rollin' in the mud or canoeing in the front yard!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I've added music to my website. Check it out...for you fellow is oh, so easy! Anyway...I tend to be a person who likes a little soundtrack for the day. Sometimes it's classical, sometimes the blues, bluegrass, folk, rock or jazz. For me music can not only set the mood but express the mood. I hope to have more expressive tunes flowing forth from this site in the not too distant future....happy listening!

Monday, May 4, 2009


(And now a moment from me the exasperated citizen of the U.S.)

I've decided to voice my opinion today about the swine flu and it's impending "pandemic"! Everyone, stop and remain calm. Do not run around like a chicken with its head cut off screaming, "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!" Stop, Drop and regain your composure.

We must remember to keep things in perspective. Obviously the media has not found anything interesting to report on the President's current doings and they seem to be tired reporting about the troops overseas. Pirates these days are really old news and no one is really getting that hyped up about conservation pieces. So they've decided to drag out some panic stuff. Really, do the media "powers that be" sit around in their big glass offices and discuss how to get the most drastic reaction out of the American people? I gave up trusting the media to disclose all of the information, or for that matter to relay any information in a truthful format, oh, about forever ago! (Remember that election eve so long ago when the TV news reported the results of the polls on one coast BEFORE polls were closed on the other coast...) Be realistic about the media and how their number one goal is still money (ratings, sales, etc.) Gone are the long ago days of reporting the news because we need to be able to stay informed.

I simply want to stand on the top of the mountain and yell, "PEOPLE, REMAIN CALM, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE CONTROLLED BY THE MEDIA. HAVE A BRAIN, USE IT!" Seriously, people are concerned about the president and what he's doing...I say the media has 10 times the power of the president.

A few quick reminders....the current death toll for swine flu is maybe around 300. Did you know that 36,000 people die every year from seasonal influenza? Do we ever hear about the influenza pandemic? All right...I'm going to climb off my soapbox and return to my daily happenings.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We're having the best time with my parents. Lots and lots of adventures. At the beach, around the house (both inside and out!). I'm sad to think that we only have about one week left.

My parents bring me such comfort. Sure they have their quirks...don't even try to be in the kitchen with my father when he's cooking...and mother..well the list is far too extensive, let's just say she moves to the beat of her own drummer (and I do love that about her). They are and were, normal parents raising kids to the best of their abilities. What I love most is that I have been given the gift of a friendship with my parents. I have realized for many years that this friendship is extremely rare. I am in no way unrealistic about my parents and their humanness. I can look back at the moments when I was able to see not only their strengths but also their weaknesses. I believe it was how they communicated and related to me during their times of weakness that have made the biggest impact on me as an adult.

My mother has given me the gift of being able to stand and march to my very own drummer. She's always been a little edgy, colorful and off the wall. It has always made for the best memories. My father has given me the gift of knowledge. His unquenchable thirst for learning, understanding and discovery has consistently encouraged me to never give up; I can keep exploring, searching, analyzing and finding a solution to most everything I face.

Both parents have most importantly given me the gift of faith. Early on I suppose it was their faith, but as I grew into adulthood I understood that it must be my own personal faith. I've watched their never ending faith and trust in God carry them through difficult and uncertain times as well as expanding their celebration during times of great joy and happiness.

I write with such love in my hearts for these two individuals. I'm realizing that I have been given an opportunity to continue this incredible gift of a loving parent/child relationship. A relationship full of love, discipline, boundaries, adventure, faith, learning and fun.
I am reminded during this visit...they raised me and not only did they live to tell about it...but we still like each other...we really like each other!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

invisible friend - 2

So we know about B's invisible friend, Kipper. I have also mentioned that Kipper has quite the extended family that can show up at any spur of the moment. Today on the way home from school B was talking about a friend from school who is moving out of state. He made the comment that he wanted to move. I asked him where he would like to move. "Colorado" was his reply...(yes I am unashamedly brainwashing my children ). I replied that there were many things that needed to happen before we could in fact move. Daddy would need a job, mommy could use a job, we would need a new house in Colorado and we would have to sell our current home.

"Hmmm", he said, "who could we give our house to?...let me think...I know! We could sell our house to my invisible friend's grandpa! His house is old and he needs a new one!"

Problem solved! A asked if he'd be paying with invisible money. I wonder what kind of interest rate he'll be able to get?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the heart of the matter

I'm having one of those weekends where my children are driving me nuts...nuts I tell you. There has been incessant whining, bickering, badgering, stubbornness and downright disobedience and flippancy. AAAARRGGGHHH! Of course I was also trying to finish a project for a fundraiser at the elementary school (post on that later once I get photos taken...very proud of my creation!). What is this built in radar that children come equipped with that moves them to push all of your buttons when you are OBVIOUSLY trying to accomplish something important that requires a bit of your brain power!? I could go on but then it will simply become the whining of a bedraggled, tired mommy! Who wants to listen to that?

Instead I will jump ahead to the lesson of which I became student this evening. In the back of my mind...when my children are whining and so on...I realize that two things are present....they are one, normally tired and two, in desperate need of one on one attention. Some loving, encouragement and just knowing that mommy sees them, loves them and knows they are special. Being solely focused on a creative process can leave me closing my eyes to their needs.

Finally, I stopped and spent that time with my youngest. We cuddled in bed, he with his headlamp on (he loves to read bedtime stories this way...makes it much more adventurous) and me simply lying beside him taking in all of his loveliness. Less than an hour ago he was driving me crazy and yet I was lying here breathing in his spirit of innocence, laughter and simply the need to be shown love. My heart in that very moment was so full of love for him that I simply don't have words to describe.

Here's the clincher...suddenly my mind opened and I realized that I am this same child with my God. Whiny, stubborn, belligerent, bickering, disobedient and flippant! God is watching me, loving me...knowing exactly what I need. Patiently waiting for me to stop, climb up in His lap, lay my head on His shoulder and breathe deep the fragrance of His incredible, never ending, passionate love for me. Despite the ugly behavior....He loves me....He waits for me...He delights in me.

God will never stop using my children to teach me...I am forever grateful!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm finding if I quiet myself more often and just listen to the voices of my children I can find great joy in simple words. Today in the car on the way home from school B was looking at a brochure of a local state park. He excitedly pointed out that there was a "beagle" on the brochure! A beagle? What Forida state park thinks that beagles should be advertised as local wildlife. Yes, my beagle jack russel is wild and could qualify in oh so many ways...but print advertising? At the next stop he pointed to the picture of the grand bird on the brochure..."see mommy, a beagle!" Yes, baby a beagle....I love seeing (and hearing) the world through the eyes of a child!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

kid funny

First I apologize for the lengthy abscence. (Really now, why do I need to apologize for not posting on my own if there is some massive readership that has been left hanging for the next installment of my crazy life!) Let's just got in the way of blogging for a bit. I now have a new camera (thanks dad, glad you have a hobby that encourages you to upgrade your equipment regularly!) that I love but need to be practicing a bit has so many more bells and whistles than my former that I tend to be intimidated by the machine!

I do have a funny story that left A and I in stitches the other night. B has an imaginary friend. I know that often younger children adopt an "imaginary friend". This friend has really never had a name..(until yesterday in the car where we agree his name was now Kipper - for those of you not familiar with children's videos, this is the name of a dog character in a British children's video and book series by Mick Inkpen) Sooooo, many times imaginary friend's mother, father and dog will show up for interaction and visits. They are regulars at our house!
Last night we were enjoying our pre-bedtime story and prayer. I asked who would like to pray for us that evening and B piped up that he really wanted to pray. He explained that he wanted to pray for his invisable in he would interpret the friend's prayer for us...(this can be an interesting experience..we haven't quite figured out how to explain that invisable friend has no sould and therefore really can't have a personal relationship with Christ...blah, blah, blah, this point irrelavent). He goes onto explain that he will pray for his invisable friend because his friend speaks sign-language (visualize him making sign language "movements" with his hands). A and I look at each other to hide our smiles. Finally, we understand. We haven't been able to communicate with invisable friend because we can't "see" him talking!
Oh, how I LOVE my kids imaginations!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sad, sad day

This is an odd little post so bear with me. I just found out via blogland that my very favorite magazine of all time (and I do read me some magazines, just ask my family) is no longer going to be published.
Mary Englebreit Home Companion has lost their publisher. Whoa is me! This truly was the best art/handcrafting/decorating publication out there. (I must also add that my second fav mag Country Home is also done) What is a magazine-aholic to do? No slam to the other publications, but I just loved me some colorful, out there, refurbished junk art and decor! I was always sooooo inspired.
Well, I guess I'm going to just have to get with it and inspire myself....
MEHC I will miss you.......

Sunday, January 11, 2009


The holidays were pretty peaceful and low-key. I really enjoyed them and the quite time with my family. I had let go of many of my previous committments prior to the holidays and had settled in the ebb and flow of a great family routine.

New you'd think I could continue on the same track. I'm realizing that "saying yes to everything" is a very hard habit to break. It is not a good sign on Friday night to lay your head down hoping that Sunday night comes as quickly as possible. This should be a great indicator that there are too many "things" scheduled.

I guess I have to be reminded (regularly) of our family's priorities and our best suited schedule. Everyone is different. Some families work best with lots of activity and yet others work best at a slower pace. I'm working on releasing the guilt over not having my kids signed up for every sporting event and activity, for having weekends with absolutely nothing on the schedule from Friday night to Sunday night, for just hanging out at home with the kids making paper mache.

This is a journey, parenting, finetuning not only our approach and disciplining techniques but releasing the guilt of not being the "perfect" parent or compairing ourselves to every other parent in our immediate circle. Conversations with my own parents have led me to realize that it is in fact a life long journey. What's that old saying, "God ain't finished with me yet!" ? Thank you God for never being finished with this wife, mother, daughter, sister & friend.