Friday, July 18, 2008

it's been way too long

Once again, I've fallen short on the blogging. We are in the... "post-vacation, return to reality, oh no, both my boys are getting ready to start school...and did I mention I'm going to work part-time" transition. It really is going rather smoothly...really...

I have made one new realization, however...once children start school (preschool or beyond) they become accustomed to a certain amount of daily stimulation. I am realizing rather quickly that my sole purpose everyday until school starts is to try and wear out my 5 year old. These last few weeks since we've been home his energy level has increased exponentionally on a daily basis. Sometimes I just stop and watch in amazemet at the electric energy shooting out of his body...his arms and legs going every which way..the running, hopping, jumping...I'm tired thinking about it. My youngest has not experienced school yet...I'm bracing myself for next summer...I now understand why parents have a long "activities list" for the hour school ends and summer begins...I understand why people build pools in their backyards...I'm thinking about getting an old fashioned push mower (the ones prior to gas) and making J go for it.

I really do love their's just that there is so much of it all at once...I have quite a bit to learn...those older and wiser simply smile (do I see amusement in their eye) and part with the words, "it's just the beginning..."

Well, this ol' mommy better get some sleep...I have some "wild things" to run tomorrow.....