Thursday, June 11, 2009

F - I - V - E

He's 5 today...I blinked any my baby is gone. In his place a creative, fiesty, emotional, passionate, tenderhearted, expressive, loving boy. No trace of baby left. Legs are long and lean. He's "reading" every letter and word he sees. Negotiating with me on a daily basis about...oh..everything!

The other night while we were cuddling before bed, he reached over and pushed my lips into a smile. I said, "thank you, was I frowning?" "No", he replied, "you don't have to keep the smile on your face, just as long as you keep it in your heart."
B you are the smile that stays in my heart always! I love you bubby - mommy


jankr said...

This made my day. I have not teared up in a long time. Thank you.


Jessica said...

I cannot wait to love him and hug him and squeeze and call him my...sweet nephew!

Karen Contreras said... a sweet mom moment you captured here on your blog! Enjoyed hearing from your heart! What a beautiful fam! Stumbled on this page and it blessed me! Thanks for sharing! Sam and I always enjoyed you back in the CABC days! Take care we'll have to fb sometime! Sam says hi! Karen C.

Karen Contreras said...

P.S. it is only 10:59 pm here in CA! Karen :)