Monday, October 18, 2010

light reading

I like to read. I love to read. Immersing myself in the story, oblivious to my surroundings is a favorite pasttime. I like to consider myself a reader of quality material. Even as an adult I revisit some of the classics of my youth, hoping to unfold new and exciting meaning from familiar or not so familiar stories.

Having children, more specifically boys, I find myself on a quest for reading material that will pull my young, male children into the exciting world of reading. Alas, it is not always that easy. So many little time...and yet many books...not so great!

However, picture books have always held a special place in my heart. Not only the great story...but great ART! Two of my favorite things! It's hard for me not to find a picture book I don't like. And so my latest and greatest addition to a secret personal collection:

Ah, yes...I have a personal love affair with my beloved Skippyjon Jones. He and I met when B was in preschool and I have remained a HUGE fan ever since. I is less than won't elevate my mind to spiritual heights...but sure puts a smile on my face.

I love you Skippyjon...

Monday, October 11, 2010


Wow! It's been months since I last posted...who knows if anyone is actually still reading. Does is really matter? I started this blog to keep my family in Colorado connected with us while we resided in Florida. Just over two whirlwind months ago we finally had the chance to relocate to Denver. I am ecstatic....exhausted, overwhelmed, emotional....and yet ecstatic.
This has been and still is a very trying season for me personally. Painful, joyful, exciting, gut altering. Honestly, I find myself spending most of my time hiding in denial...afraid to let myself go into that deep place within that really sees and feels the rawness of my experiences. Feeling most times as if I enter that place I will come completely undone. Deep down I know I need to come be remade, refined by this experience...but for now I must I keep myself flitting above the surface...doing laundry, making lunches, picking up dog poo, trying to keep food on the table with growing know...daily living stuff.
Soon...soon...I'll be able to find a safe place to finally let myself be with my deepest core...but for now...I'll observe the change of seasons from a safe distance. It's beautiful here....