Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We're having the best time with my parents. Lots and lots of adventures. At the beach, around the house (both inside and out!). I'm sad to think that we only have about one week left.

My parents bring me such comfort. Sure they have their quirks...don't even try to be in the kitchen with my father when he's cooking...and mother..well the list is far too extensive, let's just say she moves to the beat of her own drummer (and I do love that about her). They are and were, normal parents raising kids to the best of their abilities. What I love most is that I have been given the gift of a friendship with my parents. I have realized for many years that this friendship is extremely rare. I am in no way unrealistic about my parents and their humanness. I can look back at the moments when I was able to see not only their strengths but also their weaknesses. I believe it was how they communicated and related to me during their times of weakness that have made the biggest impact on me as an adult.

My mother has given me the gift of being able to stand and march to my very own drummer. She's always been a little edgy, colorful and off the wall. It has always made for the best memories. My father has given me the gift of knowledge. His unquenchable thirst for learning, understanding and discovery has consistently encouraged me to never give up; I can keep exploring, searching, analyzing and finding a solution to most everything I face.

Both parents have most importantly given me the gift of faith. Early on I suppose it was their faith, but as I grew into adulthood I understood that it must be my own personal faith. I've watched their never ending faith and trust in God carry them through difficult and uncertain times as well as expanding their celebration during times of great joy and happiness.

I write with such love in my hearts for these two individuals. I'm realizing that I have been given an opportunity to continue this incredible gift of a loving parent/child relationship. A relationship full of love, discipline, boundaries, adventure, faith, learning and fun.
I am reminded during this visit...they raised me and not only did they live to tell about it...but we still like each other...we really like each other!