Monday, June 21, 2010

in transition...aka limbo

(boys at Star Wars weekend)

I'm having a a bit of hard time being "in transition". (Isn't this a birthing term...happening right before things get really difficult?) Just like birthing, the end result is awesome. Something I've been waiting for...years in fact...8 to be exactly! Now it's just around the corner. Starting a new chapter of our life story in Colorado.

The transition bit, though, is a little overwhelming. No bites on the house...job uncertainty...what to pack, what to get rid of (packing period....we have acquired way too much in 8 years of marriage and having children!). And yet, at my very core I have a peace. People look at me cross eyed when I say we haven't sold the house and my husband does not, in fact, have a job. I know, however, that God holds this family in the palm of His hand...the very hand that formed the world..that brought each of us into existence. Selling a house, providing a job...minor details in the great vastness of His awesomeness.

(B and Capt. Rex have us covered)

What keeps me afloat, motivated and pushing on is what lies ahead. Family, old friends, mountains, year round outdoor activities, creating with my mom and sister, cousins, Fall, Winter (I am soooooo not a Floridian...I love me some snow!), complete lack of humidity...did I mention family?

(J, the light saber welding Indiana Jones adventurer)

God provides. Always has...always will. So I will step forward in faith...knowing that my Heavenly Father has more than my back....He has my life!