Thursday, February 28, 2008 it's cold outside

Yes folks, Florida has actually had at least two, count them, two days in a row of cold weather. Actually a nip in the air...the need for jackets and for some closed toed shoes. It has not stopped the boys from spending time outdoors, however...
I'll have more pictures following the weekend. We are headed out tomorrow night for a weekend of camping. It's going to be a chilly one. We are looking forward to campfires, s'mores, hiking in the woods and the boys' all favorite pastime.....lots and lots of dirt! Where there is dirt...there are the den Dulk boys. Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

pancakes...of course

so here is a snippet of our process this morning, preparing pancakes. Normally, mommy flies solo when making pancakes...but today there were helpers.

we had a nice batch of whole wheat pancakes (with a little pumpkin added) to freeze for a week's worth of breakfasts.

Finally, they were ready to be devoured. Nothing quite like pancakes to start the day.

They sure give growing boys lots...and lots of energy!

Monday, February 25, 2008

i'm grateful

I realized I haven't been keeping up on my "41 Things I'm Grateful For" task. I am overwhelmingly grateful for my boys health. I think I tend to take it for granted and I need to remember what a true gift health really is...I'm thankful for strong legs that run, jump (even on my bed) and climb...for arms that can hug, reach and are strong....for eyes that can see, ears that hear, mouths that speak (wonderful, silly, funny, powerful words)...hearts that beat strong and minds that are curious, sharp and always thinking. The questions...the many questions...sometimes mindbending...but oh how wonderful that there are those questions...they give me the opportunity to share the wonders of the world that God created and they remind to stop and take time to wonder myself about this incredible world in which we reside.

The next time I'm stressed out about whatever... money, housework, schedules...I hope I can step away from it...take a walk outside...grab a handful of dirt, lay in the grass and look for cloud animals, collect pine cones or just go squish my toes in the mud and remember I am a child of God and what a wonderful world He's given me to enjoy!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

the great outdoors

Today was a day of all types of rained hard this morning and then the sun came out in full force this afternoon. The rain left, of course, its calling card...that is, its calling card for my boys: PUDDLES! In fact this a.m. when I told B that it was raining, his eyes got real big and he said, "there's going to be puddles!" B found himself in the bathtub today at least of 3 if not 4 times for either a partial or full bath. I had some fun with the camera today:

We also took a little trip out to the retention pond to catch "something"...they wanted tadpoles...but all I could come up with were tiny fish...they loved the adventure of it...we saw lot's of tiny fish, a live frog, a dead frog, some water skimmers...and something larger than the small fish started making movement as the sun began to set.

A GREAT day in the life of a boy!!!! We'll see in the morning which fish survive their temporary digs on the front porch! I didn't stop to think whether or not we would have any night visitors...hmmmmm.

hello dsl!

I'm fast...I'm faster than fast....I am "dsl girl"! ta da! we finally have entered the true electronic more dial up! Don't laugh...I've spent the last forever using dial-up and now I can leap massive e-mails in a singlebound, post pictures in my blog in less than an hour and surf, baby, surf like the rest of the computer world! infinity and beyond!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

bug bites

Well, I've just spent the last half hour researching "chigger bites" on the web. People keep freaking out when they see B. "Is he alright?" "What's wrong?" I suppose the bites do look a bit chicken-pockish...perhaps I shoud make a sign for him to wear around his neck - "bugs bites only". He has bug bites on the side of his face and his forearm from camping. They are just bumps...I am being a good mommy and watching them...keeping them clean...keeping his nails cut. Of course trying to provide first aid for either of my boys is a lesson in hand to hand combat. It usually involves chasing them down to simply put calamine lotion on...because they are convinced that it's going to hurt. J has freaked out about having me take his temperature. The funny thing is...they are great at the doctor's carrying on. Go figure!

Here are some pictures from our latest camping trip:

B with the lizard he caught all by himself!

J and A trying to catch fish with their hands in the spring:

We had a great time! We're hitting the road again the last weekend of this month for some more time in the Florida woods!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the boys

here are a few pics for friends and family

I'm starting to receive regular boquets from my sweet boys. Out here something is always blooming and if J sees it he's going to get it for his mommy!

I've enjoyed watching the relationship between these two grow. They both are always ready and willing to look out for each other!

Did someone say "mudpuddle"? You know have a better understanding of the title of my they say a picture is worth a thousand words!


Once again today the weather played schitzophrenia. I truly enjoyed the morning crispness and slowly succumed to the sweat of the afternoon heat. Dressing for winter in Florida always keeps me perplexed. 99% of the time some sort of open toe shoe will suffice; flip-flop, sandals, mules. I usually end up feeling like some sort of fashion victim; i.e. sweater over short sleeve blouse, jeans (rolled up to capris) and flip-flops. It's February! I suppose growing up on Denver and knowing that the weather could change in an instant has prepared me to always be ready for anything.
We went camping this weekend to Alexander Springs outside Astor. It was great! The boys immediately made friends with the dirt and in no time there were roads and hills all over the campsite. B caught a lizard all by himself to put in his bug box. It actually didn't stay in the box much, he insisted on holding in quite a bit. I honestly think the thing may have passed away from too much "love".
I had no idea there was a natural spring that was open for swimming. The boys went in and had a fabulous time! The water was a bit chilly...72*. That didn't stop J from diving in and playing fish all afternoon. (Of course this is the same boy that has rolled around in the ocean on a frigid January day while everyone else had sweaters and hats on!) Even after soaking the afternoon away in the springs the boys still left a very intense ring around the bathtub! I am looking forward to another camping trip soon to this spot!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

41 things

Well, after many years as a blog vouyer, I have decided to join the masses and blog about my life. I must admit that I have started in stuck mode....however, it occured to me as I recently turned 41, that I must document something significant in my life. I set out to make a list of "41 Things I will Accomplish This Year!". However, sanity grabbed hold of me and I realized that list will only induce anxiety, frustration and a sense of overwhelming. I want something positive to focus on like my gratitude for the small things in life, to be in the moment of every day...taking time to pause and smell the roses...see the blessings all around. So, I'm going to blog this year about "41+ Things I Love". I believe this exercise will help me in my journey away from dramatic pessimism.

So how do I start my list? With my boys of course! There truly is no way to express the love of a mother for her children; the rollercoaster of emotion that even one hour can bring in a day is breathtaking.

My two boys are beautiful, funny, intense, kind, daring, smart and truly a gift from God. J is 5 and B is 3 and boy can they mix it up. They are also establishing a true bond of brotherhood and friendship and this brings me such joy. I love you boys with all of my heart!