Thursday, February 21, 2008

bug bites

Well, I've just spent the last half hour researching "chigger bites" on the web. People keep freaking out when they see B. "Is he alright?" "What's wrong?" I suppose the bites do look a bit chicken-pockish...perhaps I shoud make a sign for him to wear around his neck - "bugs bites only". He has bug bites on the side of his face and his forearm from camping. They are just bumps...I am being a good mommy and watching them...keeping them clean...keeping his nails cut. Of course trying to provide first aid for either of my boys is a lesson in hand to hand combat. It usually involves chasing them down to simply put calamine lotion on...because they are convinced that it's going to hurt. J has freaked out about having me take his temperature. The funny thing is...they are great at the doctor's carrying on. Go figure!

Here are some pictures from our latest camping trip:

B with the lizard he caught all by himself!

J and A trying to catch fish with their hands in the spring:

We had a great time! We're hitting the road again the last weekend of this month for some more time in the Florida woods!

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