Saturday, February 9, 2008

41 things

Well, after many years as a blog vouyer, I have decided to join the masses and blog about my life. I must admit that I have started in stuck mode....however, it occured to me as I recently turned 41, that I must document something significant in my life. I set out to make a list of "41 Things I will Accomplish This Year!". However, sanity grabbed hold of me and I realized that list will only induce anxiety, frustration and a sense of overwhelming. I want something positive to focus on like my gratitude for the small things in life, to be in the moment of every day...taking time to pause and smell the roses...see the blessings all around. So, I'm going to blog this year about "41+ Things I Love". I believe this exercise will help me in my journey away from dramatic pessimism.

So how do I start my list? With my boys of course! There truly is no way to express the love of a mother for her children; the rollercoaster of emotion that even one hour can bring in a day is breathtaking.

My two boys are beautiful, funny, intense, kind, daring, smart and truly a gift from God. J is 5 and B is 3 and boy can they mix it up. They are also establishing a true bond of brotherhood and friendship and this brings me such joy. I love you boys with all of my heart!


jankr said...

great start! can you post more photos?


jankr said...

Great. Mama J here testing user name.