Monday, February 25, 2008

i'm grateful

I realized I haven't been keeping up on my "41 Things I'm Grateful For" task. I am overwhelmingly grateful for my boys health. I think I tend to take it for granted and I need to remember what a true gift health really is...I'm thankful for strong legs that run, jump (even on my bed) and climb...for arms that can hug, reach and are strong....for eyes that can see, ears that hear, mouths that speak (wonderful, silly, funny, powerful words)...hearts that beat strong and minds that are curious, sharp and always thinking. The questions...the many questions...sometimes mindbending...but oh how wonderful that there are those questions...they give me the opportunity to share the wonders of the world that God created and they remind to stop and take time to wonder myself about this incredible world in which we reside.

The next time I'm stressed out about whatever... money, housework, schedules...I hope I can step away from it...take a walk outside...grab a handful of dirt, lay in the grass and look for cloud animals, collect pine cones or just go squish my toes in the mud and remember I am a child of God and what a wonderful world He's given me to enjoy!

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Seester said...

You go, Girl!