Monday, August 31, 2009


Once again I had to chuckle as I watched and listened to my boys play this evening. Currently their favorite thing to play is "spy". They will dress themselves up and announce that when they walk into the room I am to pretend that I do not know them. This evening these were the get-ups:
Now the other day J decided that he really needed to invent something. We've watched a couple of PBS programs on inventing ("Everyday Edisons") and Ruff Ruffman had a segment on spying and gadgets accompanying such activity. So he came to me with his hand-me-down MP3 player and his sunglasses and informed me that he was going to make a spy gadget. "Where is the tape?" I told him and went about getting ready for church. The next thing I know I turn around and there he is with this:
Later I asked A if he had helped J construct his spy camera. He said he didn't help at all...J had in fact put the whole thing together. I love it! I love to watch their minds at work, creating, analyzing and problem solving. I never knew I'd get such a kick out of watching this process happen in my children.

On a side note. This evening the spies were putting together their "hideaway" which was to be constructed with a bed sheet and various chairs..i.e. tent-fort. Well, it was not going smoothly. Said sheet would not stay put and slinked itself continuously off slippery chairs at the slightest touch. Iwas involved in my own project when I suddenly heard my 5 year exclaim in disgust (with very familiar inflection), "D**n it!" Well I immediately felt the pain of conviction deep within my being and said quietly, "B, I know that you have heard mommy use that word before, however, it is not a good word to use." Without missing a beat he said, "I'm sorry mommy, I thought it was a good word. I won't use it again."

What can I will always keep you humble.

Monday, August 24, 2009

1st day of school

(I wrote this post last week and didn't post it...why? I do not here it is...belated..)

Here it is...another year of school upon us. As you can tell from the photos, the boys were pretty excited for the first day of school. B's photos are quite different from last fact you actually see his face this time and he is smiling! It's amazing what one year of preschool will do for a child.
You also will notice that J is up to his same ol' silliness. No straight faces for him. The only way I can get a straight face is to sneak up on him and take him by suprise...this also means that I don't get a natural smile. Perhaps someday.

Following school they were all full of stories about their day. New friends were made, eating in the cafeteria for the first time for B and J is all excited about the fact that their first grade class has DESKS! no tables that have to be the other first grade class..shhhhh, we're not supposed to let on...appearantly Mr. S was able to negotiate some desks for his room...this is a very big deal. J even pointed out that there is a place to put your very OWN PENCIL on his desk and it won't roll away.

These are the small "wonders" that always put smile on my face. He was really, really excited about having a desk...oh and the fact that his take home folder is actually a BINDER...a real live binder with three rings and a zipper case so when I have to send $$$$$ it doesn't fall out!

B was equally excited about his shelf in music class. I asked him what he put on his shelf in music class but I couldn't exactly decifer what ended up being located on said music shelf. He did jumping jacks with Coach C and told me he was very, very good today! I think his excitement was getting lunch in the cafeteria...being able to select chocolate milk AND grape juice for lunch!

I must say that I thoroughly enjoy the first day of school as seen through my children's eyes. I'm excited for them to be able to go off for a brief moment into the world beyond our home. I'm thrilled to watch them interact with others, make friends, learn to respect other adults, become more independent. I'm enjoying every moment of their learning and growing!

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