Saturday, February 23, 2008

the great outdoors

Today was a day of all types of rained hard this morning and then the sun came out in full force this afternoon. The rain left, of course, its calling card...that is, its calling card for my boys: PUDDLES! In fact this a.m. when I told B that it was raining, his eyes got real big and he said, "there's going to be puddles!" B found himself in the bathtub today at least of 3 if not 4 times for either a partial or full bath. I had some fun with the camera today:

We also took a little trip out to the retention pond to catch "something"...they wanted tadpoles...but all I could come up with were tiny fish...they loved the adventure of it...we saw lot's of tiny fish, a live frog, a dead frog, some water skimmers...and something larger than the small fish started making movement as the sun began to set.

A GREAT day in the life of a boy!!!! We'll see in the morning which fish survive their temporary digs on the front porch! I didn't stop to think whether or not we would have any night visitors...hmmmmm.

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jankr said...

More great photos. Loved the stories. Please keep J and B away from the deep end of the pond (at least until they can swim!)

Don't forget to get GoogleEarth, now that you have DSL.

Papa J