Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Once again today the weather played schitzophrenia. I truly enjoyed the morning crispness and slowly succumed to the sweat of the afternoon heat. Dressing for winter in Florida always keeps me perplexed. 99% of the time some sort of open toe shoe will suffice; flip-flop, sandals, mules. I usually end up feeling like some sort of fashion victim; i.e. sweater over short sleeve blouse, jeans (rolled up to capris) and flip-flops. It's February! I suppose growing up on Denver and knowing that the weather could change in an instant has prepared me to always be ready for anything.
We went camping this weekend to Alexander Springs outside Astor. It was great! The boys immediately made friends with the dirt and in no time there were roads and hills all over the campsite. B caught a lizard all by himself to put in his bug box. It actually didn't stay in the box much, he insisted on holding in quite a bit. I honestly think the thing may have passed away from too much "love".
I had no idea there was a natural spring that was open for swimming. The boys went in and had a fabulous time! The water was a bit chilly...72*. That didn't stop J from diving in and playing fish all afternoon. (Of course this is the same boy that has rolled around in the ocean on a frigid January day while everyone else had sweaters and hats on!) Even after soaking the afternoon away in the springs the boys still left a very intense ring around the bathtub! I am looking forward to another camping trip soon to this spot!

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