Wednesday, March 4, 2009

kid funny

First I apologize for the lengthy abscence. (Really now, why do I need to apologize for not posting on my own if there is some massive readership that has been left hanging for the next installment of my crazy life!) Let's just got in the way of blogging for a bit. I now have a new camera (thanks dad, glad you have a hobby that encourages you to upgrade your equipment regularly!) that I love but need to be practicing a bit has so many more bells and whistles than my former that I tend to be intimidated by the machine!

I do have a funny story that left A and I in stitches the other night. B has an imaginary friend. I know that often younger children adopt an "imaginary friend". This friend has really never had a name..(until yesterday in the car where we agree his name was now Kipper - for those of you not familiar with children's videos, this is the name of a dog character in a British children's video and book series by Mick Inkpen) Sooooo, many times imaginary friend's mother, father and dog will show up for interaction and visits. They are regulars at our house!
Last night we were enjoying our pre-bedtime story and prayer. I asked who would like to pray for us that evening and B piped up that he really wanted to pray. He explained that he wanted to pray for his invisable in he would interpret the friend's prayer for us...(this can be an interesting experience..we haven't quite figured out how to explain that invisable friend has no sould and therefore really can't have a personal relationship with Christ...blah, blah, blah, this point irrelavent). He goes onto explain that he will pray for his invisable friend because his friend speaks sign-language (visualize him making sign language "movements" with his hands). A and I look at each other to hide our smiles. Finally, we understand. We haven't been able to communicate with invisable friend because we can't "see" him talking!
Oh, how I LOVE my kids imaginations!

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Jessica said...

THANK you THANK you THANK you!
I am so glad you posted. I love you.