Thursday, March 26, 2009

invisible friend - 2

So we know about B's invisible friend, Kipper. I have also mentioned that Kipper has quite the extended family that can show up at any spur of the moment. Today on the way home from school B was talking about a friend from school who is moving out of state. He made the comment that he wanted to move. I asked him where he would like to move. "Colorado" was his reply...(yes I am unashamedly brainwashing my children ). I replied that there were many things that needed to happen before we could in fact move. Daddy would need a job, mommy could use a job, we would need a new house in Colorado and we would have to sell our current home.

"Hmmm", he said, "who could we give our house to?...let me think...I know! We could sell our house to my invisible friend's grandpa! His house is old and he needs a new one!"

Problem solved! A asked if he'd be paying with invisible money. I wonder what kind of interest rate he'll be able to get?

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