Wednesday, April 9, 2008

we've been having fun!

I guess we just had too much fun for mommy to stop and blog during Spring Break! (I do hope all our future Spring Breaks will be as fun...we have many ahead!) The highlight for the week was definately the Orlando Science Center. A great mecca for the 3 to 7 year old crowd! Their kids section was a great hands on experience as you can see:

They also were hosting a "Robot" exhibit (centered around the movie). J has definately inherited the gadget bug from his daddy. He was all over the building your own robot. Of course he wanted to go in and help the highschoolers who were building their bots for the battle of the robot event that is happening in a week. The center had set up a live workshop within the exhibit and J was ready to run right under the caution tape and get working! He was highly disappointed that they weren't letting everyone come in and build. The big boys bots look quite a bit more interesting than the plastic gadgets he had just assembled. In fact they looked like they were made out of many objects he's seen around daddy's shop and mommy's art room (we'd better watch out!)

School is back in swing and before you know it...summer will be here. I'm definately trying to savour the gentle rythm of this time before we step into elementary school next year.

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Tonya said...

Hey Joelle!
Aren't these blogs fun? I open my computer each morning and check in on my friends. What a great way to keep in touch! I'll put yours on my blog and check in to see how you are doing! Cool!