Thursday, April 17, 2008

I love imaginations!

A and I sat outside tonight and watched J fight imaginary bad guys with his sword (sprinkler head). The bad guys only seemed to prevail once as we noticed J sprawled flat on the grass clutching his stomach. Not for long...he was up again and fighting fiercely to defend his honor. B meanwhile sat and sought out bad guys with his toy transformer in the deep, dark forest (glade of flowering weeds!)

I recently read a book about the developmental stages of boys. It helped me continue to relax as I parent two very active, creative and dramatic boys. They are going to slay dragons, shoot canons, guns, bows and arrows. They will continue to crash cars, bikes, skateboards and each other. I know a day will come when I will be sitting on the sidelines of a racetrack while a son of mine races some sort of motorized something...biting my nails and praying for God's protection. I will do so with not only fear in my heart but joy, knowing that they never lost that zest for life!

Dear J and B, may you never lose your passionate imaginations!


jankr said...

I love your is so nice to be able to see pictures of the boys more often. YOU are a great writer. Perhaps your blogs are a book in bloom? MOM

Lola said...

Cool thoughts and cool photography, girl! I hope you are well.