Friday, April 25, 2008

a cure for the grown up grumpies

The other morning the boys were up and at 'em when daddy got up for work. This is very early in my book. I lack the gift of being a morning person. I'm a person who needs a slow wind-up to the day. Hitting the ground running is difficult. I realize that I am quickly approaching the end of my season for slow wind-up mornings. Next year J will start Kindergarten, B will be in morning preschool and I will start working. Needless to say, I'm trying to milk my slow mornings for all their worth.
Back to the other morning. Waking up at 5:30 is painful. It normally results in mommy becoming very short and grumpy. So this particular morning I was ready for some real grumping. I hadn't even had time to fix my coffee before the boys were running into the living room excited for the day to start. They weren't even remotely grumpy...instead they were full of life! I was dragging through my cloud of funk, feeling sorry for myself and wondering if I could put cartoons on and climb back between the sheets when something broke through the cobwebs.

"Mommy!" yelled J, the sky is dark blue and I can see the moon like it's nightime!" Both boys ran outside to stand in the unfamiliar "light" of dawn. I followed them outside into the crisp air which quickly began to clear my funk. We stood outside and compaired the shades of blue, yellow and pink as the sun began to rise. We stood in wonder at the bright North star that shone even as the sun rose. We watched until the moon began to fade and the coolness of dawn moved into the warmth of morning.

I stopped to laugh at myself and my "whining". As always the excitement and wonder of my children's new experience has reached in and changed the posture of my heart. I was struck with the thought that when adult grumpiness overtakes me....I simply need to stop and look at the world around me through the eyes of child.


Lola said...

Beautifully written, Joellen! This is a great reminder for all of us grownups.

jessbran said...

Thank you!!!

jessbran said...

This was just what I needed!!!
By the way, your blog reads incredibly well while listening to Chris Martin of Coldplay croon!!!