Friday, April 18, 2008


I was sweating the small stuff today for a moment. Gazing around the house at the cars, legos, tools, playdough, cardboard boxes, etc. that make up the boys playthings. Tonight I was reminded that I started this blog to celebrate the things for which I am thankful. Tonight I am thankful that my boys can play...that they can squish playdough with strong hands, build cities and roads with blocks, run to chase frogs and each other and even when their voices are raised at each other in the middle of conflict....I am thankful that those voices are there...loud and clear, articualte in thought..easily heard and understood.

Ah yes, the toys underfoot, well, I remind myself today that it is only for a season. Soon enough the "toys" will be too big to be underfoot...more than likely they will require some sort of fuel and have to be parked outside the house! So for today I will pick playdough off the seat of my pants and put a band-aid on my foot for a lego-induced wound and smile and think, "Don't will be gone faster than you know it! It's just stuff"
B with his "robot" hand

J driving his sidewalk chalk race car!

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jankr said...

Beautiful thought, beautiful boys! Great photos again, keep it up.

Papa J