Wednesday, May 7, 2008

it's been too long

I'm feeling the "deliquent blogger" guilt. I realize it's been far too long since I've written. Truth be told I've been spending most of my computer time surfing for the absolute best airline deal I can get to Denver in June. I really don't think awesome deals exist. I think you can spend hours searching and finally out of sheer exhaustion you give up and settle for an extra $40 a ticket if it will get you a straight through flight. The boys are actually very good travelers. They've both been riding on airplanes since they were babies. That, and the airlines got smart and installed TV's in the's always the best $5 I spend...I've tried the portable DVD player...but the battery runs out after an's not worth lugging it onboard for a 3+ hour trip. No, I'll stick with my hourly wrapped "suprise"! (Usually a new hotwheel car)

The latest and greatest thing we have discovered are Legos...lots and lots of Legos...I really need to include pictures....but I have failed miserbly in the photo department lately. Just the other day I scored a box of Legos at the thrift you may ask yourself, "who in their right mind would purchase a large box of legos? Don't you end up finding them all over the house? Incure painful foot injuries from stepping on wayward Legos?" Well, yes...they do have a tendancy to migrate into unusual places in the house and yes, I have several Lego induced battle scars on my feet...but the truth be told, I believe Legos are the best toy ever invented! Hours and hours of creative, fun, imaganitive play. Included in the box was a ziplock baggy of over 50+ of the tiny Lego people...with helmets,hats, scuba gear, a batman mask, knives, guns, spears, space name it...we have every character from coyboys and indians, astronauts, the redcoats, civil war soldiers, race car get the picture. When you have these little people to actually attach to your creations and interact with each other...for my's heaven.

I do understand that some parents see Legos as the housekeeping enemy (that and Polly Pockets according to my girlfriends) but I see them as a chance to glance at my children's mind engaging, creating, dreaming...working. Every day I am amazed at not only the contraptions, creations and vehichles that are made but the stories and adventures that passionately play out before me.

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