Sunday, May 25, 2008

reduce, reuse, recycle - ROBOTS

B is turning 4 in a couple of weeks. We are going to have a robot themed party. I've had this idea to use "environmentall friendly" decorations. Balloons, paper streamers, etc are fun and add so much to a celebration, however, I've been trying to think in terms of reducing the amount of waste we produce as a family. I'm far from perfection in this area....but I started to think "outside the box" to put together both fun and inexpensive decorations for celebrations.

I have been saving every paper and plastic recepticle that has passed through our home. I had a vision for this project when we first decided on the robot theme. Saturday the idea began to take shape.
I had so much fun building robots from all the "junk" (or as A said, "look, mommy is taking out the garabage!" when I carried out my bags of "stuff"). Here are some shots of the beginnings....
Of course, the minute the first robot appeared there were requests for personal robots to be made for each boy. B ended up with a cute (or as he put it "adorable") robot that then donned Batman's mask and superhero cape. (Batrobot, spent the night standing guard next to B's bed...he wanted to sleep with him but I figured Batrobot would end up as Batpancake in the morning) J had a few different favorites. He'd grab one I finished and then as soon as he saw the next he'd want that one instead. I tell you, parents really don't need to spend insane amounts of money on always comes back to the boxes. Last night the boys played with their "robots" for hours until bedtime.
In addition to the robot decorations, I made a celebration banner from my scrap pile of material. I've seen these online and wanted to make some forever. I plan on making another one as well to use at each birthday and family celebration. I think it will also satisfy my desire to create some traditions for our family celebrations.
I will have more updates about our weekend following.


jessbran said...

Hi guys! G Lou talking. I love the reduce, reuse, and recycle them. The Boy's robots are cute and very itressting. I like the party decoration idea, FUNKY!

Love Ya, G Lou

Anonymous said...

I found you! Looks terrific! I want a blog badge that links to MOPS too.. how can I get one???????