Monday, March 31, 2008

spring break begins

Did we even have winter? Here in good ol' FL one season just blurs into the next. I heard a radio dj experiencing euphoria over the new "spring" green popping up all over FL...what? As opposed to the 110 other shades of green that have been present for the last...oh, I don't know all year! I apologize! We are beginning to get hints of the summer to come and as many of you know, humidity and intense heat are not my friends. But I digress.

We've had a fun start to Spring Break. We're planning on laying low and staying out of all of the vacation destination spots. J and B decided they should hook up the old bike trailer to J's bike so he could pull B. Two determined little boys.

It took only two trips up and down the driveway to wear poor J out. B is no small 3 year old...he holds his own in the weight department. I'm thinking about hiring J out to run rickshaws during BikeWeek festivities next year?

It did rain this afternoon, however, not enough to leave sufficient puddles for endless hours of enjoyment. We therefore, had to pull out the sprinkler for entertainment between rainbursts.

And a few fun faces:

We'll be back with more from our adventures over Spring Break!

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