Wednesday, March 12, 2008

kids say the darndest things

My boys honestly keep me in stitches. Last week I told J we were going to play "hookey" from school because Bike Week would be in full swing. (Wednesday is the scheduled day for the famous coleslaw wrestling at the Cabbage Patch...don't even is as bad as it seems) During this time there are several thousand "motorcycle enthusiasts" who rumble into town for a week of motorcycle fun and frivolity. On the said Wednesday they all seem to be in our "neck of the woods". The traffic is horrendous....thousands of bikes and a 4-way stop at the intersection make for less than desireable driving conditions. Anyhooo....we skipped school to stay out of the frey.
Jump ahead to yesterday. J says to me, "Mom I want to play hockey". My response, "What?" (There is no ice within at least a 1000 miles) J replies, "Hockey, you know like we did last week and I stayed home from school." Silly I know, but he was so serious I couldn't help but smile. So if you ever need a real excuse as to why you couldn't make it in to work...just say you were playing "hockey"!

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jessbran said...

Everytime I see the "Samsula, you are safe" photo, I smile and giggle! B and J are absolutely precious!!!