Wednesday, March 5, 2008

houston, we have lift off

What a thrill! What joy! I've waited so long for this day. I thought it woulld never happen. I truly had given up hope. But joy of all joys...B pooped on the of bribing, force, tantrums....of his own accord...entirely self-motivated! He's growing up! (Please note: for a mother with small children this is a monumental occasion....only to be surpassed in awesomness by the actual birth of the child! Perhaps some of you have forgotten or have yet to experience this emotional rollercoaster.) I decided against posting any graphic photos. What I will post is a picture of B's friend who sat on his own potty while B did his business on the big potty.

Keep your fingers crossed ... that B and bunny continue to do their business on the potty.


jankr said...

Remember to wean B off of the bunny and potty. He might be embarrased when he has to explain them at school this fall!

Also, where did you get the toy potty and sink?

MJ and PJ

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!!! Great job B!!! Your cousins in Colorado are very proud of you!

jessbran said...

I am not anonymous anymore!!!!!!