Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dear bitter retired person,

I'm sorry that life has left you sad and bitter. Especially toward children. Initially, I was highly irritated at your disguisted looks toward my children pushing the cart at the grocery store. My dander was raised when you rolled your eyes toward my darlings as they stood paralyzed at the wonders of an entire aisle of fruity, sugar filled cereal...eager to put at least a half dozen boxes in our cart. I never allow them to run amok. They never run through the store screaming. As much as they would like, they are not allowed to practice their latest and greatest wrestling moves in the middle of produce; because you see...they are learning!

The truth is I am desperately trying to educate them in respectful, proper behavior at heavily traffiked shopping establishments. I could keep them away, always shopping alone, until they were at a most respectful age of say...21. However, what would they learn? How will they learn to negotiate ankle biting grocery carts, canes, and the ubiquitous motorized cart? How will I be able to train them to always keep their eyes open, analyzing how to negotiate the guantlet of each and every aisle? How will I be able to train them to be respectful of all human beings unless I am out and about amongst the masses?

I don't pretend to know the hardships that life has tossed you; and I know there can and have been many difficulties. But please, can you for one brief moment, reflect back to those times when your children were young? or perhaps even to your own youth? The excitement, enthusiasm...the energy. The world is such an incredible place for a child. There is so much to see, to experience. Can you catch a glimpse of the innocence in their faces? Catch the whimsy in the lilt of their laughter? Listen. Embrace it. Don't bar yourself against it. They are not here to create discord in your life. Instead, they are here to show us all the simple joy of life.

Life is short. You know that all too well. Please don't leave this earth having wasted energy being bitter toward a young mother and her children. They could be such a gift in what might be such a bleak and difficult day. Stop. Be patient. Admire the life...enjoy.

P.S. If you still find children annoying might I suggest you do your shopping at 10:00 am....most children are at school and therefore not available to make your life miserable!


Sarah K said...

yeah! i've been checking in to see if you've written anything new! mean old person, huh? that stinks! love ya!

Jessica said...

that'll show em... or at least make you feel a bit better to get it off your chest!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry you had to deal with someone like that. remember, your boys will be here long after that bitter old person leaves this earth. keep up the good parenting!!

Papa J