Monday, February 15, 2010

bad guys and fancy houses

As usual the boys and I were having a deep philosophical conversation in the car today. (Try as I may to sit on the couch, cuddle in bed or discuss these things around the dinner table...they never bite! For some reason riding in the car stirs up the great recesses of their minds...) Anyhow....J started asking about life cycles and would the world be around as we know it in the future. I began the delicate conversation about heaven and hell.

Suddenly, B asked if daddy had any real guns. "Why?", I asked. "For the bad guys", replied B, "So he could get any that might come to our house". "Oh no," quipped J, "bad guys only go to fancy houses, they won't come to our house, there's no stuff for them to get there..."

Well, I know I'll sure be sleeping better tonight...knowing the bad guys are passing me by for the 'fancy houses'.

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Jessica said...

I wish it were me on a plane to see you right now...