Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I "heart" LEGOS

Today I would like to take this opportunity to put in my own two cents on subject near and dear to my heart. TOYS. As a parent, I'm always trying to figure out what is the best toy purchase for my children. So many toys they want are simply flash in the pans, so to speak. They play with them for two minutes and then they find their way into the dark recesses under the beds or in the cracks of the couch. Thomas the Train was a good investment, as were Hotwheels. Endless hours were spent putting together train tracks as well as simply moving trains and cars over any surface both inside and out of the house. These are great creative toys. But I really think the overall, most brilliant, most creative toy of all time is LEGOS.

Some moms out there fear the LEGOS. I've heard it all before, "We can't have LEGOS the baby will eat them!" "We can't have LEGOS because they are too messy!" "We can't have LEGOS the dog will eat them!" "We can't have LEGOS because someone will step on them resulting in injury that may require emergency medical attention!"

May I be as bold as to say, "Your children are really missing out!" These are the only toys I find that can capture my boy's attention for ENORMOUSLY large amounts of time. They can even bridge the age gap. Case in point. We have a friends who have three children, one in fifth grade, one in seventh, and one in high school. We frequently socialize together at their house. They still have a large plastic bin of LEGOS and every time....every time...we are there, all five kids have their hands in the bin building things...from age 5 to 15.
If you don't have LEGOS in your house, I encourage you to go immediately to the store and make a purchase. You will not be sorry. Yes, the baby could in fact ingest some, so be sure to keep them on the table or use only during the baby's naptime. Yes, they can be messy. Don't even try to organize LEGOS. One of the greatest joys is to simply "dig" in and create. (I do however, try to keep a baggie for the minifigures). Yes, you may step on some and have a few choice words...but you will not have to seek professional medical attention...its never that bad.
Please consider making LEGOS your friend. Especially, if you have boys. You will experience endless hours of quiet play (excluding normal boy noises) and they really are an educational toy incognito. The creativity that you will see in your child's building will amaze you, not to mention all the spatial stuff they're doing and small motor skills, blah, blah, blah!
You never might just "heart" LEGOS too!

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mama j said...

We have the LEGO Digital Designer loaded on our computers; we're ready for you guys.