Friday, May 14, 2010

the brother

So, my recent posts have all been about big brother. But what has little brother been up to? Well, his usual antics.
He is also one crazy, funny kid. Always has a quick response that usually spreads a smile across my face and a giggle in my heart. I do have to be careful about when I laugh. He can be a sensative creature.
Here is a pic of him dressed up to attend his brother's talent show. He insisted that he "dress up" and look nice for the performance. It may have been a response to the importance of big brother's dress or "costume" for the evening and its relevance for the presentation.
This sweater vest he has on, he always asks to put it on to play outside. Each time I have to explain to him that it really wouldn't make the best play clothes. What's the big deal? you might ask, Aren't you being a little uptight about a sweatervest? Reality is, he'll wear it outside and more than likely have it, his underwear and his cowboy boots on....and then he'll find the hose (or a puddle; or a pile of dirt; or a dirty hole) and the vest will quickly be removed and I'll find it stretched over his bicycle seat or hanging from a tree being used as a catapult. These things really don't work for me when trying to keep a few nice pieces of "dress" clothes just that...nice.

He did look adorable...even when he sweat profusely because it was at least 90 degrees that night...sweaty...but adorable!
P.S. the tie really made the whole outfit!


Jessica said...

I need to hug him and squeeze him and give him a big "aunty" kiss on the cheek.

I cannot wait to call you neighbor!!!

mama j said...

The girls (G and A) will help him with his wardrobe when he gets here. I'm not sure J will like the way they want to dress him (less camo, more preppy).