Friday, April 23, 2010

the audition

I am one proud mama! My oldest had his first audition.

Several weeks ago the notice came home. "Talent Show Auditions" To my surprise J immediately expressed an interest. We discussed some options for his talent; he: "I could play the guitar" me: "you really don't know how to play the guitar" he: "I could dance to the Go Fish cd" me: "well, if you dance you need to have a specific 'routine' that goes with the music" (i.e. throwing yourself all over the livingroom to the beat of the music does not always interpret into large audience entertainment. Yes, your mother thinks it's wonderful, but it pretty much stops there!)
Finally we decided he might try his hand at delivering some jokes. It took some time to convince him that he needed to do some research and try jokes that had been prewritten as opposed to coming up with them on the fly. Last night we chose what to wear ( he wanted black shirt, pants and cape. I tried to lean him toward something with color. End result: red shirt, dark pants, camo jacket, cowboy hat and fake coke bottle glasses; you know this boy loves to 'dress the part'), we rehearsed the entrance and delivery of jokes and I handed down a few select pointers. This morning I heard his voice loud and chipper, "Mom! I'm excited!" Me, "About what?" "About my audition!"
When the time finally came he was calm as a cucumber. He surprised me with his confidence and the ability to face his nervousness and gain composure. He never waivered. He stood with confidence and delivered his three jokes. We won't know until Monday whether or not he made the cut. What an experience to watch him bloom and grow. He has no fear. He believes completely in himself and his abilities. It is overwhelmingly...beautiful to behold.

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Jessica said...

I love that kid!