Sunday, December 7, 2008


What I'm learning about boys:

1. There is adventure in everything (even going to the bathroom)

2. If the possibility of getting dirty does not exist...then it must be boring.

3. A boy is only truly still when he is asleep (and with my younger this can be an arguable point)

4. No decibel is too loud...they can and will find a way to be even LOUDER.
5. Did I mention that dirt is one of the major food groups?

6. When nurtured properly with love, encouragement and safe boundaries boys will flourish and grow into some of the most amazing creatures. Sure I don't always completely understand their ways and/or obsession with dirt but I thoroughly relish the sight of their passion for life and exploration of the world around them.

I encourage all moms of boys to relax a bit more and enjoy the does get crazy at times...but I guarantee it will be the ride of your life!

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jankr said...

Love those beautiful boys! Great story. Love you,

Papa J