Monday, August 11, 2008

bad mommy moment #65,893,123

okay..okay...this is supposed to be a blog about all the things I'm thankful my beautiful children...that I have one last, beautiful week to enjoy with them prior to the start of school. Today, I was thankful that they would BOTH be starting school this year and that it's only one week away! Today was one of those days. Apparently I was trying to get too much done. Their "don't let mommy complete projects" radar was fine tuned and running overtime!

Big brother was testing his ability to completely annoy little brother (without so much as flinching). Little brother in return practiced the negative response level of different styles, volume levels and intensities of screaming.

Adding to this lovely parade of "who is in control" is mommy...steroid pill popping mommy. Last week I had a pretty severe case of bronchitis and part of my medical regime was a series of steroids. These things can be pretty evil...or at least they can make a person pretty evil (my husband will in fact vouch for this). I felt like I was going out of my mind. My girlfriend reminded me of the time one of the boys was on an oral steroid as a grumpy, nasty and overall unpleasant the drugs made him....why yes, I remember because I am currently behaving just like him!

I did manage to make it through the day with lots of Lamaze breathing (didn't need it for my C-sections, but I sure use it in daily parenting) and about a dozen timeouts for both boys.

Tomorrow is another day...another chance...a fresh start...I think we'll head to the beach and let the sand, surf and breeze blow the memory of today away. To second chances!

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