Thursday, August 21, 2008

1st day of school vs. T.S. Fay

Handsome boy...first day of Kindergarten

Yes, there is a very handsome preschooler there...yelling, "don't take my picture!" (It's very paparazzi!)

Yea, we did actually start school on Monday. Things went well. J walked straight into his class sat down and said, "mom, I'm not going to miss you!" Well, alrighty then...we're off to take B to his first day of preschool....
You can tell by his first day pictures that it wasn't such an easy transition. He actually did fine. He just has to take his time and size up the situation, decide who's who and what's what, figure out his angle and then he eases into place.

I did have one brief blissful encounter of silent, quiet, move-at-my-own-pace shopping that day. It was a bit do tend to become highly aware of everyone else's "children noise"...

Well, it was all over far too soon...Tropical Storm Fay hit...oh the rain...the never ending rain....I do believe we encapsulated 40 days of rain in the last three. This means that there has been no school. This evening for about one hour I did believe that my children were going to school tomorrow...however, school is once again closed.

I have posted a few pics (sorry about the poor quality) just to show the amount of rain we have encountered here at home. As I told my mom (who calls frequently during storms to make sure we're not flooding) we live on a "mountain" here on our property. Not actually, it's just that the house does sit a bit elevated to the rest of the property....blah, blah, blah...hence the house does not flood.
Here is the backyard looking a bit like the entrance to the Everglades....
Another Everglade shot out the back....Why there is my driveway on the left...yes, the river to the left of the picture...the lake on the right is normally a grassy clearing.
The retention "lake" again, it's normal existence is a pond, about 1/4 of this size...however, we're are actually getting close to retention "ocean"....Thankfully, our power has stayed on pretty consistently...this is my greatest fear in a storm...not electrocution, or the food going bad in the fridge, or trees falling on the house...the AIR CONDITIONING must never go out in my house in the summer....I must NEVER feel the intense HUMIDITY inside my house...I can usually last, oh about 20 minutes before I'm grabbing the keys, putting the kids in the car and heading to the nearest A/C.

I have rambled enough about all this. School will re-start again on Monday. Perhaps I might get a better picture of B, who knows. Until then, grab the playdough and Legos...let's build us a boat!


Anonymous said...

do you still have the boat in the back of the property? Great photos again. Hug those boys for me.


jankr said...

Loved the school pictures. J looks so confident walking down the sidewalk to school. He is so handsome in his uniform.

Now,about B! My baby is having some big transition in his little pacifer, turds in the potty, school, tropical storms, and who know what else is going on in that little head.

Thanks for the pictures of the water around your house. It was a comfort to know that you are still a float.