Friday, March 16, 2012


I'm a reader. I love to read just about anything; fiction, non-fiction, poetry, newspapers, magazines, blogs, children's books (hence my love affair with Skippy John Jones-see earlier post). One of my favorite places to hang out is the library and/or bookstores.

When I had children I just knew that they would love reading as much as I. We started reading together when they were still in the womb. We read while they were babes in arms, sitting in my lap as toddlers and side by side as they slowly learned to sound out words and put sentences together. Soon, I knew I'd find them curled up in the corner consuming a lovely story for hours on end.

But alas, I've waited many moons and it did not seem to be. Sure they loved looking at picture books, they'll pick up the assorted silly graphic novels (ha! sorry graphic novel offense) at the library and peruse the pictures to get the gist of the current Star Wars battle. I wanted more....I wanted to see them completely enraptured by the story...not being able to put the book down until the story was complete.

During the last year we've starting reading together most evenings as a family. I've been searching for the "perfect" book to capture my boy's attention. We've tried many, but nothing seemed to generate the magic I wanted. Last month I stumbled upon Rick Riordan's Kane Series. He is the author of the Percy Jackson series based on Greek and Roman mythology. The Kane series is based on Egyptian mythology. I knew my nieces and nephew were enjoying Percy Jackson and since there were none to be found on the library shelf...I crossed my fingers and picked up Book 1of the Kane Series, The Red Pyramid.

I've started to hear those most beautiful words, "One more chapter mom..just one more..." Riordan is genius at the chapter end cliff hanger....he leaves you wanting more! So imagine my pure joy when this morning I turned to corner to the living room and saw this:
Early morning none the less! Before school! Trying to consume the next chapter! I nearly squealed with excitement, but quickly excited to the hidden safety of the kitchen to do my happy dance. You have to be careful about showing too much enthusiasm about such delicate topics like this...I wouldn't want to spook him!

I know for some, your children have been toting large volume books around since they were 3...and I am happy for you. But for me, I thought this day would never come. I'm still optimistically cautious, but I do think we might be on to something magical!

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Jessica said...

More posts please~ you inspired me to get back to blogging, too!