Monday, July 5, 2010

itchy tongue

So the other day I hear my boys in a usual conflict over some small LEGO piece. Unfortunately, it escalated and ended with the youngest dramatically crying that older brother had bit him. Biting? Seriously? No..not in my house! On a side boys really have never been biters. I've heard about kids who bite regularly...(you can ask my mother about my own personal history with biting)...but J and B have rarely used this tactic in hand to hand battle. So my feathers are more than a bit ruffled when I go in to discipline the situation.

Me, "J, did you bite your brother?" J, "No, his arm was in the way" (he showed me how B was 'reaching' for LEGOs out of the ginormous bin J seemed to be clutching in his lap and how his mouth innocently ensconced B's arm) Me, "J, did your brother's arm in any way shape or form make it's way into your mouth?" J, "Well, yes" Me, "Then you bit him?" J, "No, I was just itching my tongue!"

Itching his tongue on his brother's arm.

Very creative explanation. J ended up in a time out where I explained that his explanation was unfortunately very lame. Itching your tongue on someone elses arm is actually considered biting. I'm now left wondering how to harness this creativity with words and ideas and put it to better use. Perhaps he will grow up to be a political speech writer. Just a thought!

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